How to prepare for neet?

How to prepare for neet?

Usually people who want to pursue MBBS or BDS
or people who have finished MBBS or BDS
write NEET exam.
It is one of the toughest National level common exam
If you're thinking 'how to prepare for NEET Exam', then this video's for you

What is NEET Exam?

It is the National Eligibility Entrance Test
If you want to pursue BDS/MBBS or want to do post graduation after that
it is a Government rule that you have to write this exam
It is applicable to both Government and Private Colleges in India
the eligibility criteria for this exam is
minimum 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 12th grade
If you're preparing for this exam
First step, understand your exam pattern.
If you start preparing after knowing the exam pattern
it will help a lot in your preparation.
if you're asking what's the pattern?
It's on the table, you can see on the screen.
The table on screen provides
the exam duration,topics covered
formats, marks per subject and other details.
Next important step is to check the Syllabus.
In school, you would've studied all the chapters
but it is not necessary to study all the chapters for NEET.
At the same time,
there is a possibility that topics not covered in school will be asked in NEET
So the Syllabus for that year
must be checked before starting the preparation
Why syllabus is important for preparation is because
you can plan your study time,
decide which chapters need more focus
and even get your doubts clarified.

NEET Syllabus:

This year's syllabus includes
Mechanics, Optics, Thermodynamics and Nuclear Physics in PHYSICS;
Mole concept, General Organic chemistry, Periodic table,
Chemical Bonding, Coordination Chemistry in CHEMISTRY ;
Ecology and Environment, Genetics, Cell Biology,
Morphology, Reproduction and Physiology of plants and animals
Basics of Biotechnology in BIOLOGY.
Now you have seen what the syllabus;
Next, to follow your syllabus
You need a realistic and good study plan.
Why do you need a study plan?
To allocate number of hours for each subject,
to know how much time to allocate each day for NEET preparation.
In this study plan,
you can allocate extra time for tough topics,
new and topics you don't know can be given extra time.
Familiar concepts can be given lesser time.
Like this, if you put a study plan and study
then you can allocate exactly the time needed for NEET apart from the other work you do.
It is good to prepare the study plan in advance.
It is not enough to only plan it, you should follow the plan too.
Now you've seen the syllabus and formulated a good plan,
Next you need a good Study material.
It is not enough to only read the school/college textbooks
you need to search for good study material and it is important to study that as well!
Previously, you used to depend only on books
but now you get all the details in the internet.
There are many CD's, interactive classes,
syllabus using AR& VR.
So you can use all of these and study well.
If you have any doubts ,
you can get them clarified from your Teacher/Mentor.
Now study material is also ready.
When you're studying, you might get doubts that
this topic wasn't covered in school or don't have an idea about it then
usually students skip and decide to omit that topic.
But if many questions are asked about it in the exam then it will be a problem.
Some people will try to understand the topic themselves and spend a lot of time on it.
Both are wrong.
When you get a doubt,
you can go to internet and learn by watching Youtube videos
or you can go to your Teacher/Mentor and get it clarified
as it is very important.
If you study with a doubt, you will deviate from the study plan
at the same time, not understanding will lead to losing focus, tiredness.
Clear the doubts as they arise.
Now you have studied what's given in the study material
doubts are also clarified
It's not possible to keep on studying; NO,
you must see how much you can understand and retain from what you've studied
For this, you must attempt mock tests.
What are mock tests?
They are sample question papers or else
they give previous year's question paper also.
It is very important to prepare with them.
when you attempt mock tests, you will get an idea on
the topics which you're strong and weak at and which needs extra effort.
Apart from just attempting these, set a time limit.
For example,set the duration for 180 questions as 180 mins.
So fix it accordingly to what is given for the NEET exam
and attempting it is very good.
Apart from this, after finishing preparation
and writing down notes
Whenever you get time, referring to those notes itself will be of big help.
Not only for NEET exam,
this Step is important for all exams; that is
Focusing on one's Health.
During exam time one should not skip food,water and sleep
as this will affect your focus, lead to a dip in the energy level,
you will not be able to achieve the expected output.
So whatever it is, eat on time, drink water and then study.
It is okay if you study for long hours,
but it is important to have time for breaks in your schedule.
Not forgetting to sleep and wake up on time
to study is very important .

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