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Yes, it is going to be sufficient conceptually
Content wise it's going to be sufficient
Questions from Outside the syllabus would come ? Well, no
It's going to be application based but this is going to be the overall syllabus
Structure and the content so I would say stick to the NCERT for biology
Especially it's gonna be way way more than sufficient and if you think that something from outside may come up
or something from outside has come, I would like you to know that
It hasn't really come from outside. It's directly or indirectly put from the same concept.
So, do not doubt NCERT. It's a powerful material
Every week, we'll be releasing one one video or one
allocated for each of this
So thank you for putting that request and I would say the more you let us know what you want
It becomes easy for us to define design and architect something which is going to be exclusively useful to you
So in the comments section right down and let me know. What's what are the other type of videos that you would really appreciate
What what are the specific content that you would like us to create? Let me know that
So in the previous video I have used a some amount of Hindi and there were some children who came up and told me that
DO not use Hindi, because they find it difficult to understand but I understand what you're saying, but but you know
Naturally, I may end up using Hindi because that's my natural dialect
But I'll try my best to to be more focused on on Hindi
Sorry on English. I'll be I'll be more focused on English
There were there were close to ten to fifteen percent of students who were for some reason early physically
There was somebody who had gone through some surgery somebody who were physically unwell
and they were also some children who came up and told me that they were going through a depression and bipolarity
My thing to you a my suggestion to you would be stay put it is brave on your part to be
Having the ability to do what you're doing
and it's not everybody's job what you're doing and I want to congratulate you for for being bold enough and for writing this down and
Trusting me and and the entire team to have responded to it. Stay put, you know, a miracle always happens
There are times that you get tired. There are times that you may get frustrated, but I want you to know that
Stay put hold the guard and do a little more a very little more each time when you feel tired
That's the formula for the miracle the formula for the miracle is when you've done ten push-ups and your body is giving up
That's exactly the point in time where your mind should tell your body instruct command and direct
That you do one more not more but one more
What do you do after you finish that 11 rest for your body to rejuvenate and build and develop that muscle back?
Do ten more after that
You know act rest act again the problem the problem nowadays is people act
Rest and the rest too long don't rest too long act rest and act again
That is the secret for success and that is the formula for the miracle. You will get tired
Of course you will you will get frustrated. Of course you will what do you do at those times?
That's the very moment when the little hero inside you should take the jump and take the lead and do that
Which is a little more important aligned to your purpose your vision and the goal of your life. What is it?
I'm sure there is some right
Awaken that little hero inside you awaken that chap inside you and encourage yourself
Push yourself, motivate yourselve, stretch yourself to do that one more push up, that one more derivative
That one more MCQ and do that, boy do that you have no idea the the Miraculous
Accumulation that it will give you at the end of it
Another common question that popped up on the channel was many students going to schools and colleges
They have eight to ten hours of
preoccupied schedule and then from that or amongst that or between that they're wondering how
They could plan their study time now. I'd like to share with you that
Self-study is going to be the most important and deciding factor
If you do not invest in self-study
Then everything else that you do is of no use
listening to a lecture in school or classes or tuition will not be
That effective as much as you come back and do a self-study on it
How are you going to plan that?
It's important that you put in the six to ten hours on a daily basis for the schedule given
How are you gonna do that is going to be very important. You start bunking your lectures
You start cutting your lectures or using the free time that is available
Sitting in the library or some coffee shop or in a friend's house or your own house and making the best of it
You know you have to squeeze in that time
Find out lectures that are not that important and make sure that you invest that time in self-study
Well, I'm telling you
physics is not
That difficult as you make physics to be. It's the story that you tell up in your head that physics is difficult
well, I'm telling you if you practice it if you chunk it down if you
Systematically on a regular base do things. I'm telling you. It's not that difficult
How many ever pages, how many ever chapters, if you daily for 1.5 - 2 hours invest time in Physics
So tell me is it going to be that difficult. The problem is you may do it today and tomorrow and then you don't do
It for the next seven, eight, ten days you get excited and doing things and setting timetable, planning things
You may even get excited doing it for the first, second or third day
But where is the consistency because consistency is missing, that is where you screw up the whole
success story
Physics is not as difficult as you make it to be
Well, I'm telling you this over and over again because it not. Practice the Numericals. Pick up the NCERT
Go to the structure, pick up additional MCQs, go through the formulas. Unless you know the formula and the concept and the
Understanding of the whole thing. It's pointless. You come to numericals if you're directly working with numericals
It's not going to help you as much as it's going to help you once you come to it from the concept
So here these are the dates
That you see on the screen are the dates for the JEE as well as the NEET that's going to be held
Here on the the immediate dates
Well, I'll see if syllabus should have been completed by November or Maximum by November and maximum by December 10th
your preliminaries, preliminary examination should begin from
December onwards, Jan you should focus completely on your
Theoretical paper and then you should again come back a little on mcq, that balance is so important. Are you balancing it?
Or are you like you get into Entrance Preparation And then when board exam are near, you would struggle there
And then again, you'll get you know, are you gonna do that that way or do you have a balance in place?
that balance is important to know that your learning concept and it doesn't matter whether they ask you a
Theoretical question or an mcq question. You don't have to study things differently. You have to answer them differently
You're answering technique in your answering mechanism. Your answering speed has to be different. Not your studying
You have to learn a concept and that's final. Learn that concept
But now from that concept, different kinds of questions can be asked. There can be a give reason, there can be a formula
They can be a MCQ. key. There can be anything coming from it
you should be ready to answer that doesn't matter how they question you if the concept is right if you've learnt it well if you've
Learnt it really
Well, it doesn't matter whether they asking it for two marks with a negative marking or whether it's for one mark
How does it matter the problem is you're sweating because you have not got the concept, right?
You have not invested sufficient time in learning and understanding the concept the way it has to be understood

How many MCQs are you solving on a daily basis ?
Tell me is it ten, is it hundred, is it hundred and twenty, whatever that is
Could you increase it by a 10 or a 15% every day?
Which means if you're doing hundred MCQs for physics on a daily base, can you make it 110? Let's see
Let's take that as an individual challenge to see how much you can pull yourself, how much you can push yourself
How much you can stretch that 10 MCQs and 10 days will become as good as a whole new day
and once you get the stamina to do hundred and ten
Well increase it by another 10%
That's what I said. That's the formula for the miracle increase the 10% stretch yourself
Take the pain till it becomes a part of your autonomous nervous system
Take the pain, fight the battle till it becomes automatic and natural stamina to do that much
Once that is achieved well increase it
Higher the level do more than what you could have done before

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