Chapter 13 – Photosynthesis in Higher Plants

All animals including human beings depend on plants for their food. Have you ever wondered from where plants get their food?

Green plants, in fact, have to make or rather synthesise the food they need and all other organisms depend on them for their needs.

Green plants carry out ‘photosynthesis’, a physico-chemical process by which they use light energy to drive the synthesis of organic compounds.

Ultimately, all living forms on earth depend on sunlight for energy. The use of energy from sunlight by plants doing photosynthesis is the basis of life on earth.

Photosynthesis is important due to two reasons:

  • It is the primary source of all food on earth.
  • It is also responsible for the release of oxygen into the atmosphere by green plants.

Have you ever thought what would happen if there were no oxygen to breath? This chapter focusses on the structure of the photosynthetic machinery and the various reactions that transform light energy into chemical energy.

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