9.1.4 Fisheries

Fishery is an industry devoted to the catching, processing or selling of fish, shellfish or other aquatic animals. A large number of our population is dependent on fish, fish products and other aquatic animals such as prawn, crab, lobster, edible oyster, etc., for food.

Some of the freshwater fishes which are very common include Catla, Rohu and common carp.

Some of the marine fishes that are eaten include – Hilsa, Sardines, Mackerel and Pomfrets. Find out what fishes are commonly eaten in your area.

Fisheries has an important place in Indian economy. It provides income and employment to millions of fishermen and farmers, particularly in the coastal states. For many, it is the only source of their livelihood.

In order to meet the increasing demands on fisheries, different techniques have been employed to increase production. For example, through aquaculture and pisciculture we have been able to increase the production of aquatic plants and animals, both fresh-water and marine. Find out the difference between pisciculture and aquaculture.

This has led to the development and flourishing of the fishery industry, and it has brought a lot of income to the farmers in particular and the country in general. We now talk about ‘Blue Revolution’ as being implemented along the same lines as ‘Green Revolution’.


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