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Whether you are in 11 standard, whether you're in 12 standard or you are
giving your examinations repeat for the entrance.
I'm going to give you a two
month strategy.
If you are serious with your life, if you are serious with your life goals
and if you have a purpose and if you want to become something in your
life, then I believe you can give yourself these two months because I hear
children saying that 11th got left out, not understanding in the 12th, a lot of
time waste, I'm not getting time blah blah blah blah.
To escape from
these blah blah blah and blah blah blah I want you to follow the next two months
putting everything you have into this goal of yours you have a goal right or
you don't you have taken science for a reason right or you've just taken
because everybody has taken and therefore you've taken.
So I'm giving you
a strategy see if the strategy works for you
If you are a serious student and who've got stray for some reason if you're
a serious student and have been distracted for some reason then I think this article will help you.
I keep asking this question where is the locus of your
focus where is your focus what are you focusing on ? Relationships
fun, distraction, social media, time pass or excuses ? Whatever you're focusing on
will come true my question is again the same where is your focus where is it
that you're putting in maximum of your energy.
In the next two months you can
change it.
If you follow the structure that I'm giving you I can assure you if
you follow the structure the structure will work for you if you follow the
strategy that I'm giving you the strategy will enable you to climb higher
than where you are today so here we go
In physics I want you to do sixty MCQs
In chemistry I want you to do thirty-five MCQs daily, no matter what
Everyday for 60 days, this structure is to be followed
for Maths I want you to do 35 MCQs on a daily base and for biology I want you to
read read read and read the NCERT book.
Now in physics over and above these sixty
MCQs, I want you to solve 20 more numericals
in chemistry over and above these 35 MCQs I want you to solve 10 equations of
the type a gives you B, B gives you C and C gives you D types and I want you to
solve 10 numericals on a daily base For Maths, other than the 35 MCQs I want
you to solve 20 numericals 20 sums of the group D or the higher-level types
Other than that, you are expected to read the textbook.
How much time you think you
will take to finish a book as think as this.
How much time? I went through this
book and I saw its having approximately 320 odd pages.
I counted the number of
words in it and I came to know it's having somewhere on one lakh fifty
thousand words how much time you think you will take to finish a book like this
In my calculation I understood that on average a person finishes reading 200
words a minute on an average 150 to 200 words depending
on your commitment depending on your focus depending on your concentration
but still, every person can read 150-200 words in a minute.

Which means to finish a book of this candle to finish a book of this level if you put
in 20 minutes a day you will finish it in less than 60 days and that's
incredible right now that depends on how committed you are.
If you put in 20 20 20.

If you put in three 20 minutes you can finish chemistry, physics and biology of
eleventh and twelvth in 60 days.
So I want you to read not just biology but physics
and chemistry also.
Are you ready to do this much ? Then these
2 months will change your life.
These 2 months will clear all rubbish that you have been
Your life will change because you are not only solving MCQs
you are also solving numericals you are solving equations and the most important
thing you are reading.
You know why in in 12 standard children fail to succeed as
much as succeed in 10th standard that's because
in 10th standard they goddamnit read the textbook they not in the textbook they
highlighted the textbook they had posted on the textbooks and they wrote extra
points in the textbook.
After coming to twelvth, students stop
reading textbook.
textbook is your Bible is your Geeta is
your Quran, read your textbooks.
If you are willing to do the MCQs the
Numericals, the equations and the reading I'm telling you there is no such thing
that can stop you from achieving what you want to achieve, from achieving
the greatness for which you subscribed for science medium.
So all the best
I want you to be serious I want you to write and tell me whether you are
serious in the first place or are you just doing time pass collecting notes
collecting videos listening to videos feeling motivated and then going down
the drain all the time.
It's not about collecting resources it's about you
using the resources do you think so you have all the resources notes,
teachers, infrastructure, online lectures, everything is available.

Even then why are you scoring low ?
Why is there a lack of commitment ? It is not because you lack
It's because you lack purpose.
Children who are not focused it's not
because they lack resource it's because they lack resourcefulness
excuses are too much, commitment is too
Distractions are too many focuses too little are you willing to change
this are you willing to change this if you are not willing to change this hey
nobody is willing to do it and nobody is interested more than what you will be
interested in your life, in your career.
Today you can make a decision and today
you can invest your commitment for the next two months, life will change
calculated and see, 60 into 60 how many numericals and how many equations
you'll be able to finish if you follow the structure, a lot, right ? so I think you
should get going come on let's do it

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