12.3 Mechanism of Absorption of Elements

Much of the studies on mechanism of absorption of elements by plants has been carried out in isolated cells, tissues or organs. These studies revealed that the process of absorption can be demarcated into two main phases.

In the first phase, an initial rapid uptake of ions into the ‘free space’ or ‘outer space’ of cells – the apoplast, is passive. In the second phase of uptake, the ions are taken in slowly into the ‘inner space’ – the symplast of the cells.

The passive movement of ions into the apoplast usually occurs through ion-channels, the trans-membrane proteins that function as selective pores. On the other hand, the entry or exit of ions to and from the symplast requires the expenditure of metabolic energy, which is an process.

The movement of ions is usually called the inward movement into the cells is influx and the outward movement, efflux. You have read the aspects of mineral nutrient uptake and translocation in plants in Chapter 11.

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